What is Refinishing?

Refinishing existing hardwood floors is a cost effective solution to have the look and feel of new flooring. Refinishing hardwood floors is a process of sanding, re-staining and applying a finish coat. Our refinishing process will revamp your existing hardwood floors.

Benefits of Refinishing

Over the years, hardwood floors take a lot of abuse causing the finish coat to wear down. If let untreated, hardwood floors are prone to have water damage, swell, buckling and dull coloring. We specialize in refinishing a variety of different wood species. Refinishing the hardwood floors extends the life expectancy.

Refinishing hardwoods is a great way to update your home overall aesthetic. The color and the finish can typically change depending on a few factors. First factor would be the actual type of wood floor. For example, a red oak floor can change colors however you will always see the warm under tones in the floor.

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